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Immigration & Human Rights

Immigration law has recently become the top priority for the Latino community. The Council is aware that much of immigration law constitutionally has to come from the federal government, there is still laws and policies that can derive from the state. We will review all legislation that targets immigrants and assess the impact it will have on the Minnesota Latino community.

The Council will strongly support immigration legislation and policies that are humane, nondiscriminatory, and consistent with America’s longstanding values of inclusion. Additionally, it promotes awareness around the contributions of immigrants to the state’s economy, culture, and society to ensure that Minnesota is a welcoming state with a future of strength and economic competitiveness residing in its vibrant and diverse social capital.

The Council supports fair and just immigration measures that:

  • Respect the human and civil rights of immigrants and their families.
  • Recognize present and future contributions of immigrants to the state’s economy and vitality.
  • Procure an integration pipeline to ensure equitable access to education, health care, and English language and civic classes. 
  • Prioritize family reunification.
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