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Community Listening Sessions

The MCLA Community Listening Sessions process enables the Council to genuinely capture the voice of Latino communities. The community engagement plan supports the following objectives:

  • To actively identify Latino/a leaders who serve as Community Ambassadors to their communities
  • To directly engage Latino community members, to learn about their accomplishments and challenges
  • To understand the Latino communities' perspectives on root causes of socio-economic challenges and solutions
  • To empower the Latino community on state legislative processes, policies and budget programs that are directly relevant to Latino concerns
  • To seek local Latino community contributions and leadership in local government, employers, educators, faith-based leaders, and service providers
  • To identify individuals who may provide testimony in presenting the Latino perspective to the state government
  • To gather and integrate direct qualitative research into MCLA analysis

With a full community engagement schedule and itineraries designed to support the above objectives, the Council serves its statute and several legislative goals.  Direct and genuine engagement of Latino community members across the state of Minnesota insures a comprehensive development of socio-economic analysis and high quality recommendations.     

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