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Monica Segura-Schwartz

Congressional District 6
Mónica Segura-Schwartz was born in Bogotá, Colombia. She grew and nourished a great passion for the arts but her love for physics and math helped her to decide to enroll in Electrical Engineering. During her professional career in Colombia, she worked as a Project Manager, System Developer and Consultant for a systems solutions company in Bogotá. This profession brought her to United States because of the excruciating need of learning English. She came to St. Cloud State to learn English. In order to develop her English language skills while learning subjects she’s passionate about, she studied a master in Social Responsibility. During that time, Mónica met her husband and this is the reason why she chose to make St. Cloud her home. 
In St. Cloud she has worked in the social service area for over 12 years, especially in programs and initiatives aimed to the development and leadership of people of color. She managed two afterschool programs and worked as an advocate for families in the schools and other social service organizations. She has been part of some plays in the community and she is also part of the Board of Directors for GREAT Theater. She still is an artist at heart and tries to nurse this on her own.
She was elected as board member for her school local district 742. Her hope is to be, if not an inspiration, at least an example for young immigrant, women and people of color to step up to serve on more boards, government, and leadership positions in our community.
Read about her story and journey and what makes her proud of being Latina here
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