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Philip E. Brown


Born at Shullsburg, Wisconsin, June 19, 1856. Received his early education in the public schools and, after graduating from high school, taught district school until he entered the University of Wisconsin in 1875. Began study of the law in a lawyer's office in Platteville, Wisconsin, and was admitted to the bar in 1881 from the Albany College of Law, New York. Began practice at Darlington, Wisconsin and in 1883 located at Luverne, Minnesota, where he continued the practice of his profession. In 1884, was elected County Attorney, and at the expiration of his first term returned to private practice, which he continued until 1891 when Governor Merriam appointed him Judge of the Thirteenth Judicial District. Was successively elected to that office for twenty years until his election to the office of Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, which seat he held until his death on February 6, 1915.

Phillip E. Brown Portrait
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