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Statutes: (Additional statutes, regulations & opinions may apply to your specific situation.)

  • Minnesota Statutes has an index topic for Weapons. Many individual weapons are listed here, although not always by their common names.
  • Minnesota Statutes 624.714, Conceal and Carry Law.
  • Minnesota Statutes 609.66, Dangerous Weapons.
  • Local city or county ordinances.
  • Minnesota Statutes 624.713 - Certain Persons not to Possess Firearms.


If you are attending a costume event, it would be wise to check with the planners for any weapons policies.

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DISCLAIMER:  As librarians and not lawyers, we can suggest resources but cannot give legal advice (such as which form to file), or legal opinions, (such as how a statute might apply to particular facts.)  To do so could be considered the unauthorized practice of law.  Even though we try to suggest materials that will be of help, further research is usually required to find a complete and correct answer.  For many questions, the best answer may be to consult an attorney.  For links to resources on finding an attorney click here.

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