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Statutes and Rules: (Additional statutes, rules & opinions may apply to your specific situation.)

Resources: (Print resources are available at the Minnesota State Law Library and in county law libraries around the state.)


  • File a Motion in District Court.
  • Civil Motion Forms Packet.
  • Generic District Court Motion Form (Posted by Dakota County).
  • McFarland, Douglas D. and William J. Keppel. Minnesota Civil Practice, 4th ed. (LexisNexis, 2008) Getting Started Room KFM5930 .M3. (chapter 17).
    • How long does a judge have to rule on a motion? 
      § 17.07 Court Decision on Motion: [1] Timing for Court Decision on Motion 
      The court in most cases takes the motion under advisement. The decision, at least on a major motion, takes the form of the issuance of a court order, which may be accompanied by findings of fact or a memorandum of law, or both. The court order is the dispositive document. It is a direction of the court in writing but not amounting to a final determination on the merits of the case. The statute allows the judge 90 days from the hearing on the motion to issue a ruling. The only remedy for a party when the judge fails to meet this requirement is an ethics complaint to the board of judicial standards.
  • You can check the docket online to see the most recent activity on your case. (Select your court and search by the docket number of your case.) It would also not be inappropriate to call the court administrator's office and ask about the status of your case.

Family Court

DISCLAIMER:  As librarians and not lawyers, we can suggest resources but cannot give legal advice (such as which form to file), or legal opinions, (such as how a statute might apply to particular facts.)  To do so could be considered the unauthorized practice of law.  Even though we try to suggest materials that will be of help, further research is usually required to find a complete and correct answer.  For many questions, the best answer may be to consult an attorney.  For links to resources on finding an attorney click here.

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