State of Minnesota
                               in Supreme Court




IT IS ORDERED that the Minnesota Supreme Court Rules of Decorum are hereby

Rule 1: The flags of the United States and the State of Minnesota shall
be displayed at all times while the court is in session.
Rule 2: No tobacco in any form, food or drink shall be permitted in the
Rule 3: No hats, caps or other headgear shall be worn in the courtroom.
Overcoats and overshoes should be removed before entering the courtroom. No
one may remain standing while court is in session.
Rule 4: No signs or banners are allowed in the courtroom. There shall
be no demonstrations of any kind in the courtroom while court is in session.
There shall be no unnecessary conversation, loud whispering, newspaper or
magazine reading in the courtroom while court is in session. In addition,
pagers and cellular telephones must be turned off before entering the
courtroom gallery. Any distracting or disconcerting activity will be grounds
for removal from the courtroom.Rule 5:

Tape recorders, video cameras and still cameras are prohibited from the
courtroom without the prior consent of the Court. All public media-related
equipment to be utilized during court proceedings, may be set up 45 minutes
before court begins. Any equipment not set up 15 minutes before court begins,
will not be allowed into the courtroom. No microphone wire or camera cable
shall obstruct access to or egress from the courtroom or the podium.
Rule 6: Children must be under the control and supervision of an adult
at all times.
Rule 7: Spectators in the gallery must remain seated during arguments.
Spectators may leave or enter the court during times when the attorneys are
approaching or leaving the podium.
Rule 8: At the opening of each court day, the Court Marshal shall, by
rap of the gavel, direct all present to stand, and shall clearly and
distinctly say:

``All rise for the honorable justices of the Supreme Court of the state of
Rule 9: It shall be the duty of the Court Marshal to maintain order at
all times as attorneys and the public assemble in the courtroom. This duty
shall include removing persons for distracting or discordant behavior,
admitting persons to the courtroom and directing them to seats, and refusing
admittance to the courtroom when the courtroom is filled to its seating
Rule 10: Lawyers are officers of the court and shall at all times
uphold the honor and maintain the dignity of the profession, maintaining at
all times a respectful attitude toward the court and opposing counsel.
Rule 11: Unless otherwise noted in a specific calendar, oral arguments
on days assigned begin at 9:00 a.m. All attorneys in all cases are to be
present and prepared to argue at 9:00 a.m. They must check in with the Court
Marshal and be prepared to begin whenever they are called. (Case Dispositional
Procedures   Oral Arguments, Minn.R.Civ.App.P.)

Rule 12: All lawyers and court personnel shall wear appropriate
business attire to the courtroom.
Rule 13: All lawyers accompanied by clients shall advise their clients
of all of the formalities of the courtroom and courtroom appearances.

DATED: October 15, 1996
                                            BY THE COURT:
                                            A.M. Keith
                                            Chief Justice