Minnesota Supreme Court
MARCH 14, 2000

  • 1. Mutual Service Casualty Insurance Company v. Wilson Township, et al. C0-99-898 - Denied
  • 2. State of Minnesota v. Jeffrey Tyrell Anderson C3-99-121 Denied
  • 3. EMC Insurance Companies v. Michael Dvorak, et al. C6-99-954 Denied
  • 4. State of Minnesota v. Arden John Archer C3-98-1968 Denied
  • 5. State of Minnesota v. Deborah Sue Kattevold C7-99-1014 Denied
  • 6. Queen City Construction, Inc. v. City of Rochester, et al. CX-99-889 Denied
  • 7. Minnesota Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc., et al. v. Minneapolis Building and Construction Trades Council C2-99-837 Denied
  • 8. Millers Mutual Insurance Association v. Universal Contractors, Inc. C7-99-686 - Denied
  • 9. State of Minnesota v. Omar Raoof Azeez C1-99-313 Denied
  • 10. Steven L. Kahmeyer, et al. v. David A. Williams Realty & Construction, Inc. - C2-99-1213 Denied
  • 11. Dorothy C. Boldt v. Kenneth W. Roth and Mary D. Roth C4-99-953 Granted
  • 12. Mary Louise Berg v. D.D.M. C4-99-905 Denied
  • 13. State of Minnesota v. Fritz Rappe C6-99-811 Denied
  • 14. Dale Lovett Bates v. Dale Armstrong, Jr. and Gary Dean Schlotfeldt C4-99-824 - Denied
  • 15. Metro Milwaukee Auto Auction v. Corey Coulson, an individual, d/b/a Corey's Auto Sales, et al., Western Surety Company C9-99-690 Denied
  • 16. Muller Family Theatres v. Edward B. McMenomy C1-99-957 Denied
  • 17. State of Minnesota v. Jerry Joseph Duwenhoegger C3-99-569 Denied
  • 18. Bobby A. Solid v. Eagle Valley Bus Service, Inc. CX-99-1170 Denied
  • 19. Cityview Cooperative v. Darwin Rex Marshall C6-99-968 Denied
  • 20. State of Minnesota v. Mark Norman Lidke C1-99-1400 Denied
  • 21. In Re the Matter of: Violet Ann Frisch v. Frank Joseph Solchaga C4-99-1083 - Denied
  • 22. State of Minnesota v. Julian Fuentes Clavel C6-99-1263 Denied
  • 23. In Re the Marriage of: Nancy Townsend Webb v. David Potter Webb C7-99-767 and C5-99-1022 Denied
  • 24. Ronald L. Merchlewitz, et al. v. Agora Syndicate, Inc. C1-99-1221 Denied
  • 25. D.J. Meyer, Inc., d/b/a Country Furniture v. Thomas Traxler C1-99-733 Denied
  • 26. Leon Kanner v. Fairmont Foods of Minnesota, Inc. C1-99-568 Denied
  • 27. Roger Conant, et al. v. Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, L.L.P. C0-99-626 Denied