Minnesota Supreme Court
FEBRUARY 23, 2000

  • 1. Programmed Land, Inc. v. Patrick O'Connor, in his capacity as Treasurer and Auditor for Hennepin County, et al. CX-99-777 and C7-99-1210 Granted
  • 2. Sandra J. DeMars v. Duluth Transit Authority, et al. C7-99-1062 Denied
  • 3. Mariah Pususta v. State Farm Insurance Companies C8-99-1068 Granted & Stayed
  • 4. Paul Erstad, et al. v. Mutual Service Casualty Company C8-99-602 Stayed
  • 5. State v. Larry Curtis Biebinger C1-99-439 Denied
  • 6. Louis Jirik, on behalf of Daniel Marie Jirik v. Auto-Owners Insurance Co. C0-98-2415 - Denied
  • 7. In Re the Marriage of: Charon Kae Scholtes v. Richard A. Scholtes CX-99-732 - Denied
  • 8. Kenneth E. Murray v. Minnesota Department of Corrections CX-99-1962 Denied
  • 9. Federated Mutual Insurance Company v. State Farm Mutual Insurance Company - CX-99-987 Denied
  • 10. Illinois Farmers Insurance Company v. Marilyn Schmuckler C5-99-993 Denied
  • 11. State v. Bradley Scott McDowell C9-99-1449 Denied
  • 12. State v. Sheila Renee Kukowski C3-99-586 Denied
  • 13. Charles L. and Martha E. Jacobsen v. Gary and Janet Salin C7-99-980 Denied
  • 14. State v. Basim Asmar Shakir-Bey C1-99-358 Denied
  • 15. State v. Ryan James Rewitzer C4-99-807 Granted
  • 16. State v. Kahlid Yusef Abdullah C2-99-28 Denied
  • 17. State v. Robert Andrew Pannier C9-98-2283 Denied
  • 18. State v. Timothy Warren Kuhnau C2-99-160 Granted
  • 19. Jan J. Sundgaard v. Commissioner of Public Safety C5-99-1075 Denied
  • 20. State v. Nate Landon Nickelsen C6-99-761 Denied
  • 21. State v. Robert Dean Bakken C5-99-587 Denied
  • 22. In Re the Marriage of: Anita C. Liebscher v. Gary F. Liebscher C9-99-995 and C4-99-998 Denied
  • 23. Minnesota Equal Access Network Systems, Inc., et al. v. State C7-99-1224 and C7-99-2034 Denied
  • 24. In Re the Matter of the Welfare of: T.N.J., a child, and the Petition of Fenn P. Cournoyer and Tamra W. Cournoyer, his wife, to adopt said child C0-99-1940 - Denied
  • 25. In Re the Marriage of: Karen Marie VanMeveren, n/k/a Karen Marie Engels v. Kerri VanMeveren C8-99-1488 Denied
  • 26. In the Matter of the Welfare of: G.L.H., G.E.H., Jr. C8-99-1345 Granted