Minnesota Supreme Court
JANUARY 25, 2000

  • 1. Omololu Valen Ademodi v. State C1-99-294 Granted
  • 2. State v. Lawrence Richard Dolan C5-99-86 Denied
  • 3. Marilyn Northrup, f/k/a Marilyn Ferrian v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company C0-99-268 Denied
  • 4. In Re the Marriage of: Kathleen R. Worms v. Timothy J. Worms C8-99-650 Denied
  • 5. Hoang Minh Ly d/b/a Lee's Garden v. Kim Nystrom C6-99-565 Granted
  • 6. Michael Oreck, et al. v. Harvey Homes, Inc. and J.B.L. Plastering, Inc. C5-99-752 - Denied
  • 7. State v. Pedro Jumping Eagle C8-99-874 Stayed
  • 8. State v. Warren Calvin Wasson C7-99-199 Granted
  • 9. Richard E. Porter v. Terminal Transport, Inc. C0-99-1890 and C2-99-1891 Denied
  • 10. State v. Jody Thomas Goar C1-99-411 Denied
  • 11. State v. Israel Lenow C6-98-2175 Denied
  • 12. State v. Eric Leon Gates C5-98-2068 Denied
  • 13. Violet Tousignant v. St. Louis County C8-99-826 Granted