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Connecting Talent



To ensure we’re connecting our state’s talented startup ecosystem, we’ve worked with partners to create the Minnesota Exchange, a statewide program to help entrepreneurs find the right connections at the right time in their startup journey. We are thrilled to announce that the Minnesota Exchange is powered by Minnesota-based Kinetic, a local startup and Launch MN innovation grantee.

The Minnesota Exchange is the state’s software platform to connect startup founders, mentors, advisors, investors, and subject matter experts (SMEs). This initiative puts an emphasis on bringing the right stakeholders together at the right time for quality conversations to accelerate progress and deepen relationships.


  • Maintain an accessible, comprehensive and diverse network of experienced experts
  • Provide avenues for engagement, networking and project development for innovators
  • Connect entrepreneurs to individuals based on expertise, needs and interests
  • Set up ways to make it easy to interact one-on-one

Minnesota Exchange connects you with other members in a few different ways:

  1. Weekly introductions based on your availability.
  2. Office Hours to host and/or attend based on your interests and goals.
  3. Monthly industry-specific coffee clubs to deepen knowledge with other leaders statewide.

Working together, this movement helps increase Minnesota's capacity to attract talent and grow businesses in the state!


Join the MN Exchange using access code 1858

Minnesota Exchange Community

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