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Program Overview

Experience is a very expensive asset and yet very powerful to help businesses succeed. We want our businesses to excel and therefore need people who can guide them through their experiences and expertise. We, in the state of Minnesota, are fortunate to have such a strong startup community infused with innovators, educators, industry experts, and support organizations all serving startups. Convening and connecting these new innovators with entrepreneurial mentors is what Launch Minnesota's new Minnesota Mentor Movement aims to build for our ever-growing startup community.

The Minnesota Mentorship Movement is a statewide mentorship program to help innovators/entrepreneurs find the right support in the form of mentors and bring avenues for engagement, networking, and project development for startups at different stages of growth.

Program Features

Our main objectives are:

  • To maintain an accessible, comprehensive and diverse network of experienced mentors.
  • To provide avenues for engagement, networking and project development for innovators

We will:

  • match entrepreneurs to our mentors based on expertise, needs and interests
  • set up ways to make it easy to interact one-on-one or in small groups
  • provide information and additional resources for both mentors and mentees

Working together, this movement will help increase Minnesota's capacity to attract talent and grow businesses in the state!

Mentor Engagement

Lend your expertise to the start-up community in a defined matter and make a difference immediately.

Subject Matter Expert

Support innovators with specific questions

  • Review the start-up company
  • Assess the materials provided by the start-up company
  • Discussion with the entrepreneur and/or management team on specific needs

Project Based Support

Provide expertise and talent to accomplish a project through the different stages of the startup

  • Help to define the project and deliverables
  • Execute on the deliverables of the project
  • Summarize project with the entrepreneur and/or management team

Ongoing Business Mentorship

Support and guide innovators as needed over an extended time period and develop an ongoing relationship along the way. Support in the form of:

  • Develop a trusted relationship with the innovators
  • Meet on a regular basis for questions and discussions
  • Guide, motivate, provide emotional support and role modeling
  • Advocate for the start-up company
  • Assist the entrepreneur in making connections

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Are you interested in supporting innovators and growing their business?

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