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Residential Redevelopment

Residential Redevelopment 1

Residential Redevelopment grants assist communities in demolishing dilapidated residential structures including single-unit residential homes, residential duplex homes of no more than two units, garages, sheds and barns. Homeowners interested in applying, please contact their municipality. 

Contact: Danae Beaudette, 218-735-3022,

Eligible applicants:  Cities, townships, counties and tribal units of government within the agency's service area.  

Eligible residential structures include:  Single-unit residential homes, residential duplex homes, garages, sheds and barns. Dilapidated cabin removal may be eligible if redevelopment plan to build new is in place. Structures must be located within a residential zone. 

Ineligible structures include:  Decks or roofless structures, commercial buildings, structures with insurance policy coverage. 

FY21 Residential Redevelopment grant guidelines
FY18-19 Residential Redevelopment Grant Program Evaluation

Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation works to improve economic opportunities for diversity and inclusion within our service area.

Success Story

The communities of Coleraine, Aurora, Keewatin, Ely and Tower were awarded grants by Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation for residential blight removal of 11 structures last fall and winter. Local governments are often presented with the financial challenge of removing abandoned, dilapidated or even burned structures. For over 35 years, our agency’s Residential Redevelopment program has provided funding to demolish dilapidated residential structures and blight within the agency’s service area to pave the way for a cleaner, healthier environment, more attractive communities and new construction.

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