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Community Infrastructure

Community Infractructure Color

Community Infrastructure grants assist communities with projects that support residential and public facility development.

Contact: Chris Ismil, 218-735-3010,

Whitney Ridlon, 218-735-3004, (Broadband only)

Eligible applicants: Cities, townships or tribal units of government located within the agency's service area. Nonprofits within the agency's service area are eligible under broadband infrastructure. Multi-organization collaboration is encouraged. 

FY21 Community Infrastructure grant guidelines
FY20 Community Infrastructure grant program evaluation
FY20 Broadband Infrastructure grant program evaluation

Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation works to improve economic opportunities for diversity and inclusion within our service area.

Success Story

Gilbert-wastewaterThe city of Gilbert rehabilitated its wastewater treatment facility and added advanced components for treating mercury. The entire project is scheduled to be completed November 2020. Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation provided two Community Infrastructure grants to support the project which replaces an outdated and deteriorating system. The project began in 2018 and created 77 full-time equivalent construction jobs. When completed, the new treatment system will meet the state mandated mercury limits into the Lake Superior watershed. Wastewater collection and treatment are essential services for the 1,800 residents of Gilbert, as well as for 1,700 Fayal Township residents that receive sanitary sewer services from Gilbert. 

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