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Employment and Volunteering Opportunities

Employment Opportunities:

Postings for open GAL employment positions may be found on the Minnesota Judicial Branch Career Opportunities Web site. 

Volunteer Opportunities:

Minnesota has a long and distinguished history of providing high-quality volunteer advocacy for abused and neglected children in its district courts.

Prospective volunteers must go through an application, interview and screening process, including a thorough background check.  They must complete a 40-hour juvenile court training that is typically offered at the local level.  We ask that volunteers commit themselves to at least a year and a half of service and that they carry two cases during their volunteer tenure. 

More detailed information on becoming a volunteer is provided on our 
Becoming a Volunteer page.

The following counties offer volunteer GAL opportunities and may be contacted at the phone number provided for additional information:

Ramsey County (in the Second Judicial District)--651-266-5270 
For additional information see the Second Judicial District GAL Program page.

Hennepin County (in the Fourth Judicial District)--612-348-6824 
For additional information see the Fourth Judicial District GAL Program page.

There are occasional volunteer opportunities in other parts of the state as well, and we encourage you to contact the Program Administrator for those programs directly to inquire about possible volunteer opportunities.  

The Minnesota District Courts Web site will help you find your judicial district.

We invite you to join us for one of the most challenging, educational, and rewarding experiences that many people ever experience--being a voice for abused children in court!    

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