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This website provides a single entry point to State of Minnesota grant opportunities.

Grant seekers can search for grant opportunities by state agency or by subject area by following the appropriate link. Please read grant announcements carefully as some state grant opportunities are only open to certain types of organizations, such as units of government.

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Minnesota State Arts Board - Folk and Traditional Arts grant program
The Folk and Traditional Arts grant program is designed to enrich Minnesota communities through folk and traditional art forms being passed on, documented, practiced and shared.
Folk and traditional arts refer to artistic traditions that come from and are rooted in the cultural life of a community. Community members may share a common ethnicity, geographic location, occupation, language, or tribal affiliation. Folk and traditional arts are learned and passed on through community based systems of training and education where younger generations learn and attain mastery of a form by observation and practice or through apprenticeships with elders and masters.
A folk and traditional arts project may be a single event or activity, or a series or combination of multiple events or activities. Apprenticeship projects, where a master artist passes on skills to a promising apprentice, also are encouraged. Projects may include creation of work, field research, documentation, and presentation of folk and traditional art forms. All projects must have a community component such as a concert, exhibition, workshop, or other activity that engages members of a larger audience in the work of Minnesota's folk and traditional artists.
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