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Governor Dayton's Budget for a Better Minnesota
  • FACT SHEET: Governor Dayton’s Budget for a Better Minnesota 
  • FACT SHEET: Tax Cuts for Over 2 Million Minnesotans 
  • FACT SHEET: Better Infrastructure for a Strong and Growing Economy
  • FACT SHEET: Better Incomes and Economic Opportunities
  • FACT SHEET: Better, More Affordable Health Care
  • FACT SHEET: Excellent Educations for Minnesota Students
  • FACT SHEET: Better Early Learning Opportunities for Minnesota Kids
  • FACT SHEET: A Better Place to Live for All of Us 
  • FACT SHEET: A Fair and Balanced Budget
  • FACT SHEET: Better, More Secure Technology for Minnesotans 
  • CHART: High Level Summary of the Fiscal Impacts of the Governor’s budget 
  • DESCRIPTIONS: Detailed Summaries of Provisions in the Governor’s budget 
  • GRAPHIC: Governor Dayton's Budget for a Better Minnesota
  • GRAPHIC: Federal Tax Law Response Options
  • GRAPHIC: Governor Dayton's 2018 Supplemental Budget Proposal
Clean Water
Opioid Action Plan
Governor Dayton's Public Works Bill
MinnesotaCare Buy-In Proposal
School Safety
Protections for Seniors and Vulnerable Adults

  • [FACT SHEET] Learn more about bipartisan proposals to protect Minnesota seniors and vulnerable adults.
  •  [FACT SHEET] Learn more about actions already underway to protect the health, safety, and dignity of Minnesota seniors. 
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