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Care about it? Share about it. Governor Dayton and Lt. Governor Smith's one-stop portal for shareable graphics and media about the issues that matter most to Minnesotans

Gif: 6 weeks of paid parental leave would save the average state employee $6200 in lost wages. That's enough for 1908 diapers, 296 gallons of formula, and a little more peace of mind;

Paid Parental Leave

Click here for graphics on Governor Dayton's comments on protections for transgender students;

Protections for Transgender Students

click here for gif about Minnesota earning #3 Best state ranking

#3 Best state

Click here for graphics about how Minnesota's economy improved under Governor Mark Dayton's leadership

Then and Now

Lt. Governor Smith was named one of the 25 most influential women in state politics. Click here for graphics;

Lt. Governor Smith

Water and Environment

Water and Environment

click here for graphics about top accolades for Minnesota;

Top Rankings for Minnesota

click here for a .gif about broadband in Minnesota;

2017 Session Accomplishments

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