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Banner: Opportunity Agenda for a Better Minnesota

Governor Dayton’s Opportunity Agenda will create opportunity for Minnesotans, and build an economy that works for everyone, everywhere in our state

The Governor's Opportunity Agenda invests in strategies to create shared economic prosperity for hardworking Minnesotans and their families

GET THE FACTS: Governor Dayton's Budget At A Glance
ST. PAUL, MN – Governor Mark Dayton has proposed an Opportunity Agenda for a Better Minnesota – a two-year budget including a set of specific solutions to our state’s challenges, and a commitment to a better future for all Minnesotans. Governor Dayton’s Opportunity Agenda will improve education from preschool to career and college training, grow our economy and create good jobs, and reform government to create better opportunities for all Minnesotans, everywhere in our state.

“Minnesota is doing better – much better than it was before,” said Governor Dayton. “But too many Minnesotans are still being left behind. We can and must do even better. My budget would continue making the investments our state needs to create opportunity for every Minnesotan. It would deliver excellent educations for all our students, support job creation across our state, and create cleaner, healthier futures for all Minnesotans. These investments, and reforms to make government work at the speed of business, will help create an even Better Minnesota.”
The Dayton Opportunity Agenda recognizes that when Minnesota workers and businesses are given the right tools, they will out-innovate the competition and create a better future for all Minnesotans. The Opportunity Agenda will give Minnesotans a seat at the table and break down regional differences to find common ground and create a common vision for our state, where all Minnesotans can succeed.
“Governor Dayton’s leadership has created a better Minnesota, with more jobs, a balanced budget, and a brighter future for our kids and families,” said Lt. Governor Tina Smith. “Now, we must make sure that all Minnesotans, everywhere in Minnesota, have access to the best opportunities our state can offer. Governor Dayton and I are committed to delivering real and meaningful progress for the people of Minnesota this session. With cooperation and compromise, I believe we can get it done.”
Governor Dayton’s Opportunity Agenda would grow opportunity for hardworking Minnesotans, their families, and communities. Below, see some of the major solutions the Governor is proposing to build an economy that works for all Minnesotans, everywhere in our state.
Jobs: Growing Opportunity for Families and Businesses
Minnesota’s economy is strong and growing, with more than 252,100 jobs added over the last six years and one of the best, most productive workforces in the world. Despite that progress, too many people are still struggling to get ahead, and some regions of the state are still facing high unemployment and stagnant wages. That is why Governor Dayton is committed to cutting taxes for Minnesota families and partnering with businesses and entrepreneurs to create new jobs. A strong economy requires infrastructure that is efficient, effective, and accountable to the people that pay for it. To maintain the quality of life we deserve, we must repair roads and highways that are crumbling and modernize our water systems in a smart way so that we truly get what we pay for.
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Education: The Engine of Opportunity and Success
The opportunity to succeed in life and create jobs in our economy is built on a world-class education. That is why Governor Dayton is committed to improving educational opportunities for every Minnesotan, everywhere in Minnesota. From making important investments from early childhood, to technical school and college, the Governor is committed to helping working Minnesotans access excellent educations to out-innovate the competition and succeed in a modern economy. Governor Dayton is working to expand voluntary preK, deliver excellent educations for every student, increase child care access and choice, and offer college and career readiness to Minnesotans across our state.
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Quality of Life: Clean, Safe, and Healthy Communities
Minnesotans work hard and play by the rules. In return, they expect a nation-leading quality of life, including clean, safe, healthy communities to live and raise their families, and great recreational opportunities to enjoy all that Minnesota has to offer. Governor Dayton’s Opportunity Agenda would deliver on that commitment, by making health reforms that provide consumers with more choices, encouraging competition, and holding insurance companies accountable. It also would fix our failing water systems so that every Minnesotan has clean, affordable water, as well as protect the safety and security of all Minnesotans.
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Reform: State Government at the Speed of Business
Minnesotans expect and deserve a government that is accountable to hardworking taxpayers, and works at the speed of business to deliver the services people expect. Governor Dayton has worked for years to make Minnesota government work better, by clearing out and cleaning up outdated laws that make government more complicated, cutting down on the red tape and paperwork that gets in the way of everyday life, and ensuring Minnesota state government is responsive to the people it serves. This year, the Dayton Opportunity Agenda will continue to improve customer service, protect your data, and secure a strong financial future for our state.
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