Linked Bingo Game Providers

A linked bingo game provider license must be obtained by any person or entity who provides linked bingo services to organizations licensed to conduct lawful gambling in Minnesota.

Application Information

The following application forms and appropriate fees must be submitted to be considered for a linked bingo game provider license:


The application fee is $5,000 per year.  A license is valid for two years.


This form must be completed by the owners, officers, directors, partners, managers, supervisors,  persons or entities with a direct or indirect financial interest of five percent or more, sales employees, and persons involved with linked bingo game sales and services.

Background checks

Completed application forms are sent to the Department of Public Safety for a background check and to the Department of Revenue for a tax clearance.  You will be charged for any background investigation expenses.


Upon receipt of the completed background check and tax clearance, your application will be presented to the Minnesota Gambling Control Board for consideration at a monthly board meeting.

For linked bingo game provider rules and statutes, see:

Minnesota Rules

Minnesota Statutes

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