Gambling Manager Seminar

Each month, the Minnesota Gambling Control Board conducts an online gambling manager seminar providing information on the conduct of gambling, maintaining inventory, how you can spend your money, internal controls, and reporting.   The seminar is conducted over a nine-day window, and consists of an online class, three optional once-daily WebEx review sessions, and an exam.


  • The online class can be completed at any time throughout the nine-day window (individuals should plan on the class taking a minimum of 10 hours to complete).
  • The WebEx review sessions occur at specific assigned timeslots during business hours in the second week of the seminar, and the exam can be taken at any time during seminar’s final two days (exam access is granted once the class is fully completed).
  • Gambling manager applicants are required to pass the exam prior to licensure.
  • Those not seeking licensure (CEOs, sellers, law enforcement, etc.) are not required to take the exam, but are welcome to do so if desired.


Registration for the seminar is required and interested persons should contact their county’s Licensing Specialist.


Who must attend?

For a new organization:

  • the current CEO (chief executive officer), and
  • the person who will be the gambling manager.


For a currently licensed organization:

  • All gambling manager changes require the applicant to attend the gambling manager seminar and pass
    the exam prior to licensure.
  • For an emergency gambling manager change, training and passing the exam must be completed within
    90 days of being issued a license.

Schedule and registration

The online gambling manager seminar is scheduled once a month over a nine-day window, beginning on a Tuesday and concluding the following Thursday.


For the most current schedule and to register, call the Licensing Specialist assigned to your county.


Transcript of Revenue Presentation


Questions?  Contact the Minnesota Gambling Control Board at 651-539-1900.