Excluded and Exempt Frequently Asked Questions


  • 1)  May we use theatre tickets for our raffle?

    Yes, an organization may use theatre tickets that contain sequential numbers if:

    • a list of prizes and a statement of other relevant information is made available to persons purchasing tickets; and
    • the tickets are sold only at the event and on the date when winning tickets are drawn.

    (NOTE:  Licensed organizations may not use theatre tickets for raffles.)

  • 2)  We would like to change our raffle date.  Do we need to submit a new application for exempt permit?

  • 3)  What information must be printed on a raffle ticket?

  • 4)  For our 50/50 raffle, may we take out our expenses before splitting the pot?

  • 5)  Do we have to list all prizes on the raffle ticket?

  • 6)  May we sell raffle tickets through our website?

  • 7)  Are there any age restrictions for raffles?

  • 8)  May we accept credit cards for the purchase of raffle tickets?

  • 9)  My organization will be conducting a raffle next month.  Is it legal for us to enter every person who sells

         100 tickets for that raffle into a drawing for a $500 prize?

  • 10)  Our organization has an exempt permit to conduct a raffle.  Does the five-day limit for gambling activity

            include the days we sell raffle tickets?

    No.  Gambling activity refers to the actual time gambling takes place.  In the case of an exempt raffle, the gambling activity is when the actual winning tickets are drawn.  An exempt organization may sell tickets in advance of the raffle date as long as the tickets are in compliance with statute and rule.

  • 11)  Are there any special requirements for awarding a prize, such as a car, an ATV, or a shotgun, which

           require the payment of taxes or fees, or registration?

  • 12)  May we award as a raffle prize a raffle ticket for another raffle?

  • 13)  Is there a limit on the total value of prizes awarded for each drawing?

    • An exempt organization may not exceed $50,000 in a calendar year for all prizes awarded.
    • Excluded raffles may not exceed $1,500 in a calendar year for all prizes awarded.
  • 14)  May we discount the raffle tickets?

    • The same set of raffle tickets may not contain a discounted price, such as tickets $1 each or 6 for $5.
    • Raffle tickets may be discounted only if there are separate sets of raffle tickets that are clearly identifiable from the other set.  In each price set, all tickets must be the same size, shape, and thickness. For example:
    • One group of raffle tickets is printed on yellow paper with a ticket price of $1.

    Another set of raffle tickets is printed on blue paper with a ticket price of 6 for $5.

  • 15)  May we print our own raffle tickets?

    Yes, you may print your own raffle tickets but you must have an invoice or documentation that states who printed the tickets, the number of tickets printed, the sequential numbers used, and selling price printed on the tickets.

  • 16)  Are we required to post house rules for our raffle?

  • 17)  What information must house rules contain?

  • 18)  Are there any restrictions on how we may spend our raffle proceeds?

  • 19)  What kind of alternative raffles may we conduct?

  • 20)  May we conduct a NASCAR board raffle?

  • 21)  May we conduct an early bird drawing?

  • 22)  What do we do if we've lost raffle tickets?

  • 23)  Do we have to keep any raffle records?  What about bingo records?

  • 24)  May we conduct bingo at our nursing home or senior citizen home?

  • 25) May we borrow a bingo number selection device and hard cards from a licensed organization to conduct

           our permitted event?

  • 26)  How do I destroy pull-tabs, raffle tickets, and other gambling records?

  • 27)  Does our high school need a license to hold a raffle?