Board Members & Committees

Board appointments are for four years.  The board consists of seven members:

  • five members appointed by the governor;
  • one member appointed by the commissioner of Public Safety; and
  • one member appointed by the Attorney General.

Board Members

  • Geno Fragnito, Woodbury, MN, Chair
    Governor appointee, term 9/18 to 6/22
  • Kenneth Koch, Eagan, MN, Vice Chair
    Governor appointee, term 7/17 to 6/21
  • Norm Pint, New Prague, MN, Secretary
    Commissioner of Public Safety appointee, term 7/19 to 6/23
  • Beth Pinkney, Woodbury, MN
    Governor appointee, term 9/18 to 6/22
  • Bill English, Plymouth, MN
    Attorney General appointee, term 9/19 to 6/23
  • Karen Diver, Cloquet, MN
    Governor appointee, term 4/21 to 6/24
  • Governor appointee, vacant


Board Committees:

Compliance Review Group

Norm Pint, Chair

Ken Koch

Bill English


Chair, vacant

Kenneth Koch

Geno Fragnito


Kenneth Koch, Chair

Geno Fragnito

Beth Pinkney


Geno Fragnito, Chair

Ken Koch, Vice Chair

Norm Pint, Secretary