Biennial Reports

The council reports to the governor and to the legislative committees and divisions with jurisdiction over environment and natural resource policy and finance by February 1 of each odd-numbered year. These reports describe the progress and accomplishments made by the Council during the preceding two years.

Past Reports

Regional Landscape Plans

Our regional landscape plans and relevant documents regarding statewide landscape management efforts are the foundation of the council's Landscape Coordination Program. Reports are developed by our regional committees and updated as necessary to meet change needs of each respective area.

Regional Landscape Plans

Site-Level Reports

The Sustainable Forest Resource Act requires monitoring to assess rates of statewide implementation of the Forest Management Guidelines and is a critical aspect of the Site-level Program, providing information for guideline revision and targeted outreach.

Guideline Monitoring Reports

Public Concerns Registration

The council worked closely with other environmental and forest management organizations to develop the Public Concerns Registration Process, a mechanism by which the public can submit comments regarding negligent timber harvesting and forest management practices. From 1998-2012, the council published an annual report of the status of the process and log of submitted concerns. Public Concerns Reports

Process Reports

Forest Policy

A primary role of the council is to identify and repot on key policy issues related to the sustainable management of Minnesota's forests.

Policy Reports


The Research Advisory Committee actively supports forestry and forestry-related research projects, and also identifies priority forest research topics that should be studied in order to meet Minnesota's forest-related information needs. Browse the available research-related reports to learn more about their recommendations.

Research-Related Reports

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