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2014 Revision of the Northeast Landscape Plan

Northeast Landscape

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In 2003, the MFRC approved the first generation Northeast Landscape Plan developed by the Northeast Regional Committee.

Since the plan's approval and through the ensuing years of coordination and implementation efforts, committee members identified a number of topic areas that needed to be addressed (e.g., the need for social and economic goals and strategies and emerging issues such as climate change and bioenergy).

In May 2011, the MFRC approved the initiation of a process to revise the 2003 Northeast Landscape Plan by the Northeast Landscape Planning Committee.

Concurrent with the landscape plan revision process, there have been several initiatives that sought to address various forestry and related resource management issues, including the Northern Minnesota Climate Change Response Framework (CCRF) and the Boreal Forest and Community Resilience Project (BFCRP). The revised landscape plan has benefited from analyses and support provided by these synchronous research and coordination initiatives.

The second generation Landscape Plan is intended to provide:

  • Strengthened and up-to-date economic, social, and ecological plan components
  • A new framework to assist managers in planning for an uncertain future
  • Improved coordination, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation strategies based on a decade of landscape-level forest management in Minnesota

The Northeast Planning Committee is has completed its work on the revised plan. In September 2014, the MFRC approved the second generation Northeast Landscape Plan. Now that the plan is approved by the MFRC, the Northeast Landscape Coordination Committee will reconvene and coordinate the voluntary implementation of the plan.

Numerous reports, studies, and background information have been prepared to support the development of the second generation Northeast Landscape Forest Resources Plan. Additional materials relevant to the plan revision are available below.


Documents are available in accessible formats upon request
Ecological pathways documents
2014 Landscape Plan Documents
2003 Landscape Plan Documents
Technical Support Documents
Research Studies and Reports
Stakeholder Input Documents
Presentations to the NE Landscape Planning Committee
Plan Update - Related Materials
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