The Minnesota Forest Resources Council facilitates the development and implementation of various programs, and advises the governor and federal, state, and local government on sustainable forest resource policies and practices. The council's vision serves as a framework for its undertakings and for evaluating progress towards achieving sustainable management of the state's forest resources.

Mission & Vision for Minnesota Forests


The council has been working on issues related to forest sustainability since 1995, following the recommendations of the DNR-convened GEIS Implementation Roundtable and the passage of the Sustainable Forest Resources Act (SFRA).

As part of its mission to promote sustainable forestry in Minnesota, the council has established many partnerships with many national, state, and local organizations, involved with sustainable forestry, education and information, financial assistance, and forest planning and management.

Council History


Council members are appointed by the Governor of Minnesota and the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council and represent a wide range of forest resource interests and collectively direct the activities of the organization. Members serve on committees established by the SFRA which focus on specific program areas and inform the full Council.

Staff members develop reports and manage projects initiated by the Council and provide scientific expertise in a range of disciplines related to forest management.

Council Members Committees Staff


Council meetings are open to the public and are held every over month at different locations across the state. A complete list of scheduled council and committee meetings is maintained by staff in a publicly available Google Calendar.

Council Meetings


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Updated 2017-02-23