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Medical Response Units

There are two types of non-transporting First Responder Units:


An organized service recognized by a local government unit, whose primary responsibility is to respond to medical emergencies to provide initial medical care before the arrival of a licensed ambulance service. The MRU must be dispatched to the scene of an emergency by a public safety answering point (PSAP) or a licensed ambulance service.


An organized service recognized by an EMSRB-approved authority other than a local government unit, that responds to medical emergencies as needed or required by local procedure or protocol.

MRUs and SMRUs must have a medical director and be staffed by Emergency Medical Responders or Emergency Medical Technicians. Registration will be for a two-year period.

Initial and renewal registration is available by submitting a completed application to

star MRU Initial and Renewal Application

Please contact Tony Spector with any questions at (651) 201-2806 or

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