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Minnesota Statutes §144E.28, subdivision 4. Forms of disciplinary action. When the board finds that a person certified under this section has violated a provision or provisions of subdivision 5, it may do one or more of the following: (1) revoke the certification; (2) suspend the certification; (3) refuse to renew the certification; (4) impose limitations or conditions on the persons performance of regulated duties, including the imposition of retraining or rehabilitation requirements; the requirement to work under supervision; or the conditioning of continued practice on demonstration of knowledge or skills by appropriate examination or other review of skill and competence; (5) order the person to provide unremunerated professional service under the supervision at a designated public hospital, clinic, or other health care institution; or (6) censure or reprimand the person.

Minnesota Statutes §144E.28, subdivision 5. Denial, suspension, revocation. (a) The board may deny certification or take any action authorized in subdivision 4 against an individual who the board determines; (1) violates sections 144E.001 to 144E.33 or the rules adopted under those sections; (2) misrepresents or falsifies information on an application form for certification; (3) is convicted or pleads guilty or nolo contendere to any felony; any gross misdemeanor relating to assault, sexual misconduct or the illegal use of drugs or alcohol; or any misdemeanor relating to sexual misconduct or the illegal use of drugs or alcohol; (4) is actually or potentially unable to provide emergency medical services with reasonable skill and safety to patients by reason of illness, use of alcohol, drugs, chemicals, or any other material, or as a result of any mental or physical condition; (5) engages in unethical conduct, including, but not limited to, conduct likely to deceive, defraud, or harm the public or demonstrating a willful or careless disregard for the health, welfare, or safety of the public; or (6) maltreats or abandons a patient.

EMSRB public disciplinary actions are the result of the Boards Complaint Review Process and may include the following actions:

REVOCATION/SUSPENSION: The certification is taken from the individual. The individual may apply to the Board for reinstatement not earlier than six (6) months from the date of suspension or revocation.

CONDITIONAL: The individual/licensee retains certification/licensure predicated on fulfilling certain requirements specified by the Board.

Minnesota Department of Revenue Actions:

Minnesota Statutes, section 270C.72, subd. 1 requires the Board to suspend registrations or certifications of individuals upon notice from the Minnesota Commissioner of Revenue that an individual owes the State delinquent taxes, penalties or interest. Once the Board is notified by the Commissioner of Revenue that the individuals tax obligations have been met, the EMSRB registration or certification is immediately reinstated.

Child Support or Maintenance Orders:

Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, sections 518.551, subd. 12 and 214.101, subd. 1, the EMSRB registration or certification of an individual must be suspended if an order is issued to the Board from a court or a child support magistrate or a notice from a public authority responsible for child support enforcement indicating the individual is in arrears for child support or maintenance payments or both is received. Once the Board is notified by the appropriate authority that the child support or maintenance order is satisfied, the Board will immediately reinstate the individuals certificate or registration.

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