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Medical Direction Standing Advisory Committee

The Medical Direction Standing Advisory Committee is a forum for physicians to discuss prehospital care and work toward the improvement of medical direction statewide. Its membership includes physician members of the EMSRB, medical directors from the eight EMS regional and other interested emergency physicians.

MDSAC Members
Aaron Burnett, M.D. (Metro Region) - Chair
Mari Thomas, M.D. (Central Region)
Gary Foley, M.D. (Northeast Region)
R. J. Frascone, M.D. (Metro Region)
Daniel Hankins, M.D. (Other)
John Hick, M.D. (Metro Region)
Paula Fink-Kocken, M.D. (EMSC Program)
G. Patrick Lilja, M.D. (Other)
Ralph Morris, M.D. (Northwest Region)
John Pate, M.D. (Other)
Christopher Russi, D.O. (Southeast Region)
Michael Wilcox, M.D. (South Central Region)
Robert Zotti, D.O. (Northeast Region)
Jeffrey Ho, M.D. (Metro Region)
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