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Walleye Wind Project

Project Docket Details

Docket No IP7026/WS-20-384
Project name Walleye Wind Project
Applicant Walleye Wind, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Next Era Energy Resources
Description Walleye Wind, LLC, proposes to construct and operate the 109.2 megawatt (MW) Walleye Wind Project on aproximately 31,000 acres in Rock County, Minnesota.
Location Rock County
Contact Suzanne Steinhauer
  • 2022-12-22: Project built
  • :

Project Summary

Walleye Wind, LLC (a wholly-owned subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, based in Juno Beach, Florida) proposes to construct and operate the 109.2 megawatt (MW) Walleye Wind Project in Rock County. The project will be comprised of up to 40 turbines, 2 met towers, a new project substation, turbine access roads, and underground collector cables.  

On November 4, 2020, Walleye Wind, LLC submitted amendments to the Certificate of Need and LWECS Site Permit applications originally filed in July 2020. The project is substantially the same as that described in the original applicaitons, but has some changes to the anticipated turbines and layout. With these changes, the prroject has a somewhat smaller nameplate capacity of 109.2 MW, as opposed to the 110.8 MW project described in the July 2020 applications.

There is no significant transmission line associated with the project - Walleye Wind, LLC will construct a project substation adjacent to NSP’s Rock County substation, and the output of the project will enter the electrical grid through a 500 foot intertie line between the project substation and NSP’s Rock County Substation.  Power from the project will be sold to Minnesota Municipal Power Agency. 

This map depicts the pipeline alternatives being evaluated in the environmental impact statement for the Line 3 project. Users can move to different parts of the map by clicking and dragging the cursor to a new location. Users can zoom in and out using the scroll wheel of their mouse or by clicking on the plus or minus buttons is the viewer toolbox.

The map includes several data layers depicting resources that could be impacted by the project. These data layers can be turned on and off by clicking the box next the data layer name. The data layers extend for 10 miles on either side of an alternative. Some layers are visible at a small map scale (zoomed out). Other map layers are only visible at a large map scale (zoomed in). If you click to view a data layer and do not see the layer depicted, zoom in or out until it appears.

Key Project Documents

Date Title Description
03/31/2021 Environmental Report for Walleye Wind Project The Environmental Report (ER) describes the potential human and environmental impacts of the Walleye Wind Project and alternatives to the Project. The ER will be used by the Commission in deciding whether to issue a certificate of need for the project.
02/22/2021 Walleye Wind Scoping Comments Written comments received during the comment period for the Environmental Report Scope and Draft Site Permit development.
01/22/2021 Verbal Comments from Public Information and Scoping Meeting Record of the Public Information and Scoping Meeting for the Walleye Wind Project held on January 5, 2021
01/06/2021 Walleye Wind Amended Certificate of Need Application Amended Certificate of Need Application submitted November 4, 2020
01/05/2021 Draft Scoping Decision Draft scoping decision for an Environmental Report (ER) for the proposed Walleye Wind Project. This draft is intended to illustrate the type of information typically contained in a scoping decision for an ER for a wind project to inform the public and serve as a base for comments on information that should be included in the ER scope issued for the Walleye Wind Project.
01/05/2021 Sample LWECS Site Permit Sample permit for wind projects greater than 5 MW. This sample illustrates the content and conditions typically found in Commission-issued site permits to provide a context for public comments.
01/05/2021 Slides for January 5, 2021 Public Information and Scoping Meeting Slides presented at the Public Information and Scoping Meeting held remotely on January 5, 2021. Slides include presentations on the review process presented by staff from the Commission and Department of Commerce EERA as well as information on the proposed project presented by representatives of Walleye Wind.
12/22/2020 Notice of Public Information and Scoping Meeting for the Walleye Wind Project The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission and Minnesota Department of Commerce will host a remote-access public information and Environmental Report scoping meeting to be held online on January 5, 2021. Comments on impacts and mitigation measures that should be considered in the Environmental Report and the draft site permit for the project will be accepted through January 26, 2021.
12/07/2020 Walleye Wind Project: Amended Site Permit Application Large Wind Energy Conversion System (LWECS) Site Permit Application - Amended November 4, 2020. Updates July 9, 2020 LWECS Site Permit Application
07/13/2020 Walleye Wind Site Permit Application Site Permit Application for theWalleye Wind Project (Project), a Large Wind Energy Conversion System (LWECS) with a capacity of approximately 110.8 megawatts (MWs) to be located in Rock County, Minnesota.

Project Documents