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Dodge County Wind Project

Project Docket Details

Docket No WS-17-307, WS-17-308
Project Name Dodge County Wind Project
Applicant Dodge County Wind, LLC
Description Dodge County Wind, LLC (DCW or applicant), a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, is proposing to build a 170-megawatt (MW) wind farm in Dodge and Steele Counties in southeast Minnesota. DCW is also proposing to build a 21-mile to 26-mile long 345-kilovolt (kV) high-voltage transmission line through Dodge and Olmsted Counties to connect the wind farm to the electric grid. DCW has proposed the project to meet Minnesota Municipal Power?s need for electric power. DCW anticipates that construction will begin in 2020, and the project will be in- service in late 2020.
Location Dodge County, Steele County
Contact Suzanne Steinhauer | | 651-539-1843
  • 2018-06-29: Docket is open
  • 2018-10-04: Application accepted
  • 2018-10-25: Public meeting
  • 2019-04-18: Scoping decision
  • 2019-07-29: Draft EIS available

Project Summary

In order to build the project, DCW must obtain three approvals from the Public Utilities Commission (Commission): a certificate of need (CN) for the project as a whole (IP-6981.CN-17-306), a site permit for the wind farm (IP-6981.WS-17-307), and a route permit for the transmission line (IP-6981.TL-17-308). The Department of Commerce will maintain this page as the primary page for project updates.

The LWECS portion of the project would consist of up to 70 turbines to be located in Dodge and Steele counties. DCW proposes to install 60 GE 2.5 MW turbines and eight (8) GE 2.3 MW turbines, for an installed capacity of 168.4 MW.  The proposed turbines have hub heights of 90 meters (GE 2.5 MW turbines) or 80 meters (GE 2.3 MW turbines), with the rotor diameters of 116.5 meters (382 feet) for both models.  From ground to fully extended blade tip, the 2.5 MW turbines have a total height of approximately 148.3 m (486.5 feet), and the 2.3 MW turbines have a total height of approximately 138.3 m (453.7ft).  The project would also include underground electric collection lines, a new collector substation, an operation and maintenance building, permanent meteorological towers, and gravel access roads. 

DCW proposes to construct between 21 and 26 miles of 345 kilovolt (kV) transmission line in Dodge and Olmsted counties to connect the wind farm to the electric grid. The 345 kV line would run from the new collector substation (DCW Substation), south of Claremont, to the Byron Substation, near the city of Byron. DCW proposed two possible routes for the transmission line (routes A and B). DCW proposes to use single-circuit monopole structures with heights of 80 to 140 feet, and spans of approximately 400 to 1,200 feet between structures. DCW proposes a typical right-of-way (ROW) of 150 feet, with a narrower ROW (approximately 75 feet) for portions that are within road ROW.

Latest News

The Department issued a scoping decision for the environmental impact statement (EIS) for the project on April 18, 2019. The scoping decision identifies the project alternatives and impacts that will be evaluated in the EIS. In addition to the routes proposed by the applicant, the EIS will also evaluate additional routing alternatives including: two additional routes responding to the Commission’s desire to evaluate route alternatives that follow existing 69 kV and 161 kV transmission lines (routes C and D), three alignment alternatives, and one crossover segment that could be used with routes A and B.

A draft EIS will be available on July 29, 2019.

This map depicts the pipeline alternatives being evaluated in the environmental impact statement for the Line 3 project. Users can move to different parts of the map by clicking and dragging the cursor to a new location. Users can zoom in and out using the scroll wheel of their mouse or by clicking on the plus or minus buttons is the viewer toolbox.

The map includes several data layers depicting resources that could be impacted by the project. These data layers can be turned on and off by clicking the box next the data layer name. The data layers extend for 10 miles on either side of an alternative. Some layers are visible at a small map scale (zoomed out). Other map layers are only visible at a large map scale (zoomed in). If you click to view a data layer and do not see the layer depicted, zoom in or out until it appears.

Key Project Documents

Date Title Description
08/20/2019 Notice of Close of Comment on Draft Environmental Impact Statement Because of the change in proposed transmission interconnection the draft EIS released by the Department of Commerce on July 29, 2019 is no longer the appropriate environmental review document for the project. As a result, the Department is closing the comment period on the draft EIS.
07/29/2019 Dodge County Wind Project: Draft Environmental Impact Statement Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Dodge County Wind Project in Steele, Dodge, and Olmsted counties in Minnesota
04/25/2019 Environmental Impact Statement Scoping Decision Department of Commerce decision on the scope of the Environmental Impact Statement to be prepared for the Dodge County Wind Project.
07/05/2018 Dodge County Wind Project Application for a Site Permit Application of Dodge County Wind, LLC for a site permit for a large wind energy conversion system (LWECS) of up to 170 MW in Dodge and Steele counties

Project Documents