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Planning for Offender Return to Community

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Victims and community members may want to provide information, especially about safety concerns, when an offender is being released from a correctional facility. The DOC encourages victims and community members to provide information to facility caseworkers, and community supervising agents, as the information is helpful in release planning and supervision.

Confidential Information

The information you submit is confidential. It will be provided only to the facility case worker developing the offender's release plan (if the offender is incarcerated) and to the agent assigned to supervise the offender in the community.

When to Submit the Reentry Statement

You can submit this form at any time during the offender's incarceration. If you would like the information considered for release planning and supervision, please provide the form six months prior to the offender's release, as release planning by facility case workers typically begins six months prior to offender's release.

Conditions of Release

All offenders on supervision in the community have a standard condition which says offenders must not have direct or indirect contact with victim(s) of their current or previous offense(s) without prior documented approval of the agent/designee. This standard condition of release is not a court order preventing contact; it is a directive issued by the Department of Corrections which can be the basis for revocation of supervision if violated.

If interested in obtaining a court order for no contact, please contact your local county attorney victim witness program or call Department of Corrections' Victim Assistance and Restorative Justice Program at 800.657.3830 or

3 ways to complete Reentry Statement

  1. Download the electronic reentry statement form (here), complete electronically, save and attach to an email to or print and mail to Victim Assistance & Restorative Justice Program, 1450 Energy Park Drive, Suite 200, Saint Paul, MN 55108
  2. Download and print the reentry statement form (here), manually complete the information and mail to Victim Assistance and Restorative Justice Program, 1450 Energy Park Drive, Suite 200, Saint Paul, MN 55108

Electronic Reentry Statement form can be downloaded here.

Paper copy Reentry Statement form can be downloaded here.

Wrap Around Meeting Facilitation

If you are a victim of an offender and you have safety concerns, contact victim services to discuss safety planning options that may include facilitation of a wrap-around-safety plan meeting with a representative from Victim Services, local victim advocacy, law enforcement, and the offender’s agent. 

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