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Jail Inspection and Enforcement Unit

Tim Thompson, Director
phone 651/361-7147, fax 651/642-0314

This unit is responsible for inspection and licensing of state and local correctional facilities including jails, lockups, holding facilities, adult institutions, group homes, halfway houses, juvenile detention centers, and other juvenile correctional residential facilities. This unit also provides for the certification of juvenile facilities for out-of-home/out-of-state placements and the certification of all residential adult and juvenile sex offender programs.

Additionally, the unit is responsible for development and coordination of security audits conducted in all department facilities.

Development and enforcement of facility standards and training of staff overseeing these operations are also duties of the unit, which acts as a clearinghouse for architectural and operational planning for new or remodeled state and local correctional facilities.

To submit a complaint about a facility, email:

Inspection and Enforcement Unit Fact Sheet

Minnesota Rules applicable to the Inspection and Enforcement Unit
Chapter 2900 - New Corrections Facilities
Chapter 2911 - Adult Detention Facilities
Chapter 2920 - Adult Community-Based Residential Correctional Facilities
Chapter 2945 - Municipal Jail Facilities
Chapter 2955 - Residential Juvenile Sex Offender Treatment
Chapter 2960 - Licensing of DOC & DHS Juvenile Facilities (Umbrella Rule)
Chapter 2965 - Residential Adult Sex Offender Treatment

What Jail Nurses Dopdf.png
Nursing Hours Memopdf.png
Nurse Task Force List of Tasks (Excel)
FAQ Opening an Adult Halfway Housepdf.png
Checklist for Person Wanting to Open an Adult Community-Based Residential Correctional Facility(Word)

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