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Treatment Services

Admission Criteria and Needs Assessment

Cognitive / Behavioral Treatment
The Cognitive/Behavioral Treatment Program is based on the principles and practices associated with Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy. The primary program goal is to assist residents identify and restructure attitudes and beliefs that contribute to their delinquency and to develop pro-social cognitive and behavioral skills to assist them manage their environment without resorting to destructive or self-defeating behaviors. All residents are required to develop an Individualized Relapse Prevention Plan and demonstrate its effectiveness both at the facility and during the transition phase of the program.

Substance Abuse Treatment
The Substance Abuse Treatment Program is also cognitive/behavioral therapy based. The program is designed for those residents whose substance abuse is primary to their delinquency. In addition to cognitive/behavioral restructuring and skill development components, the program activities include a logical and sequential approach to recovery based on stages of change, relapse prevention, and transition/aftercare maintenance.

Sex Offender Treatment
Residents assigned to the facility's Sex Offender Treatment program participate in cognitive/behavioral restructuring and skill development components designed to address their sexual misconduct. Program goals include increased victim empathy, increased understanding of sexual arousal, and understanding the elements of healthy sexual relationships. Tasks include completing a sexual history, victim-perpetrator cycle, polygraph and individualized relapse prevention plan.

Mental Health Treatment
The facility provides mental health treatment support services for residents diagnosed with mental illness. Residents in need of psychological services participate in support groups related to medication management, mood management, and other related topics. Individual counseling and psychiatric consultation services are also available. The facility operates a mental health living unit for those residents who unable to adjust in the general population living units.

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