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Resident educational needs are assessed during orientation. Educational plans are individualized Classroom photobased on assessment outcomes. Residents participate in academic and vocational programs. Special Education and remedial education services are also available. Residents who achieve a GED or High School Diploma may be assigned to the facility's Work Readiness Program.

Recreation & Leisure
The MCF-Red Wing recreation department provides a variety of services to residents at the facility including:community service activities, experiential education, and leisure education classes. The activities are designed to teach residents the value of recreation and leisure time pursuits as an alternative to anti-social behavior. They are also designed to reinforce treatment and transition services.

Transition & Aftercare
The Transition Services programs mission is to provide youthful offenders the tools and skills to overcome the barriers they face in their efforts to successfully reintegrate back into the community. The importance of a step down process of re-entry is well researched and has been deemed a "best practice."

Pre-Dispositional Evaluation
MCF-Red Wing provides pre-dispositional evaluation services in accordance with Minnesota Statutes. Admission criteria include an adjudication of delinquency on the current offense and a written court order of placement at MCF-Red Wing.

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