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Corrections Agent

Salary Range: $21.30 – $30.93 ($44,474 – $64,582)

Work Locations: Positions may occur with the Department of Corrections and county agencies at various locations throughout the state. 

Job Duties: Provide investigative services to the court/releasing authority and supervisory and/or referral services to offenders in order to protect public safety and facilitate law-abiding behavior. 

Job duties include completing assessments of offenders in order to determine/recommend appropriate supervision levels; preparing case plans; supervising offenders to monitor behavior and compliance with probation/releasing authority conditions; completing progress reports and apprehension/detention orders; and testifying in court as needed.

Corrections Agent positions also prepare diagnostic, pre- and post-dispositional investigation reports on offenders to be used by the courts, correctional staff and releasing authority to make appropriate sentencing, case planning and releasing decisions.

Minimum Qualifications:

To qualify for consideration, you must meet the qualifications listed under A or B below:

  1. A Bachelor's degree in Corrections, Criminal Justice, Criminology, Counseling, Counseling Psychology, Education, Law, Law Enforcement, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology or a Human Services related field with an emphasis in corrections/criminal justice AND one of the following experience qualifications:

Completed a full-time internship* (minimum duration of one semester or 10 weeks or 400 hours) with the Minnesota Department of Corrections as a Corrections Agent or Corrections Security Caseworker, or with another jurisdiction as a Probation Officer; 


A minimum of 400 hours (approximately three months) of work or volunteer experience* as a Corrections Agent, Corrections Security Caseworker or Probation Officer;

*(NOTE: To qualify, the above intern/work experience must include the preparation of pre-sentence investigation (PSI) reports, predisposition (PDI) reports, and/or offender case summaries, in addition to providing case management services to offenders.)


A minimum of two years of experience supervising offenders in the Minnesota Department of Corrections as a Corrections Officer, Sentencing to Service Crew Leader, or Corrections Manufacturing Specialist. 


A minimum of six months of professional-level experience in case management in a correctional or human services setting.

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in any field and a minimum of one year of work experience as a Corrections Agent or Probation Officer supervising offenders in the community. To qualify, the work experience must include the preparation of pre-sentence investigation (PSI) reports and/or predisposition (PDI) reports, in addition to providing community supervision services to offenders.

Other qualifications include: 

  1. The ability to document and maintain case records. 
  2. Human relations skills sufficient to represent the Minnesota Department of Corrections or county in the community; maintain effective working relationships; and work with a diverse and adversarial/resistive offender population. 
  3. Oral and written communication skills, sufficient to speak in public, testify in court, and write clear and concise reports. 
  4. The ability to make case decisions, set priorities and schedule/use time effectively. 
  5. Must have and maintain a valid driver's license. 

Preferred Qualifications: 

  1. Experience working as a Corrections Agent/Probation Officer or Corrections Security Caseworker/Case Manager. 
  2. Experience working in correctional programming. 
  3. Experience completing risk/needs assessments. 
  4. Training or experience in Evidence Based Practices (EBP) such as cognitive/behavioral programming, motivational interviewing, and transition from prison to community (TPC). 
  5. Please note that a criminal history check will be conducted on the successful candidate for a position prior to the start date, and new employees must be fingerprinted within the first 30 days of employment. 
Link to State Careers Website 

Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer

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