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Corrections Agent Senior

Salary Range: $21.98 to $32.24 per hour; $45,894 to $67,317 per year

Work Locations: Positions may occur with the Department of Corrections at various locations throughout the state.

Job Duties: Provide investigative services to the court/releasing authority and supervisory and/or referral services to offenders in order to protect public safety and facilitate law-abiding behavior. Senior Agents independently handle difficult supervision cases, including clients with severe behavioral problems.

Senior Agents utilize discretion and independence in performing the following job duties: complete assessments of offenders in order to determine/recommend appropriate supervision levels; prepare case plans; supervise offenders to monitor behavior and compliance with probation/releasing authority conditions; complete progress reports and apprehension/detention orders; and testify in court as needed.

Senior Agents also independently prepare diagnostic, pre- and post-dispositional investigation reports on offenders to be used by the courts, correctional staff and releasing authority to make appropriate sentencing, case planning and releasing decisions.

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