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Research Findings

The DOC conducts first-rate research that provides evidence on which to improve correctional policy and practice.

For example, studies have found:

More frequent and recent prison visitation, especially from fathers, siblings, in-laws, and clergy, is associated with reduced recidivism.
  • Dr. Grant Duwe and Dr. Valerie Clark (2011)
  • The prison visitation study was published in Criminal Justice Policy Review, a peer-reviewed academic journal
Prison-based chemical dependency treatment reduces the risk of recidivism by 17-25 percent.
The Minnesota Comprehensive Offender Reentry Plan (MCORP), a prisoner reentry pilot project, was found to be successful in reducing recidivism.
  • Dr. Grant Duwe (2012)
  • The MCORP study was published in Justice Quarterly and was the 2013 recipient of the Donal MacNamara Outstanding Journal Publication Award by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.
Prison-based sex offender treatment reduces the risk of sexual recidivism by 27 percent.
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