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Institution Community Work Crews (ICWC)

ICWC puts people incarcerated at minimum-security facilities to work in the community under the supervision of a department crew leader. Crews housed at department minimum-security facilities do community projects for local government and state agencies. These projects include roadside clean-up, park and trail work, snow removal, and clean-up after storms and floods. Crew members give back to the community while learning new job skills.

Participants in the ICWC Affordable Homes Program (AHP) are housed in local jails and build affordable housing in partnership with non-profit community agencies. The program helps address a housing shortage for low to moderate-income families and serves as a vocational training program for offenders.

ICWC Program Flyer   ICWC Affordable Homes Program

Work Release and ICWC Contact
Terry Byrne,WORK RELEASE AND ICWC PROGRAM DIRECTOR, phone 651/361-7127, fax 651/642-0251,
1450 Energy Park Drive, Suite 200, St. Paul, MN 55108.

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