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Life Sentence and Certified Adult Review Hearings

The Commissioner of Corrections is given the authority to assign life-sentenced people to parole after they have served their minimum term of imprisonment.  

The Commissioner and an advisory panel of Department of Corrections (DOC) employees conduct an initial review of the incarcerated individual's readiness for release three (3) years before they reach their minimum term of imprisonment and then at intervals determined by the Commissioner. There is no statutory provision that allows for release prior to the minimum eligibility date, and this review hearing does not include consideration of such an action.

Reviews include information collected from facility staff, the community where the individual was sentenced, and any surviving family members of the victim. At the reviews, the Commissioner will either assign a projected release date or continue the case with directives to be completed prior to the next review. Each review is evaluated individually, with treatment and programming recommendations unique to that case. 

The Hearings and Release Unit maintains the schedules for these reviews and works with the committing county and the facility case worker to compile a packet of information about the individual. The Life Sentence Victim Response Coordinator will contact the victim's surviving family and others affected by the crime to allow them input in the process. 

If you are a victim/survivor and/or a surviving family member of a person serving a life sentence, please contact the Life Sentence Victim Response Coordinator to receive information and support regarding potential participation in a life sentence review. Contact the Life Sentence Victim Response Coordinator at and 651-361-7100

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