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Waivers and modifications

Interim guidance on alternative facemasks: How you can help

covid-19-mask-AdobeStock_327282517As demand for personal protective equipment increases, U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved facemasks that protect wearers from coronavirus are in short supply. Many of our nonprofit partners have asked what their supporters and donors can do to help meet unmet needs. When FDA-approved masks are unavailable, homemade or manufactured alternate facemasks that are not FDA-regulated may be acceptable substitutes.

Should you wish to make or purchase alternative facemasks to protect yourself and your community, follow the Minnesota Department of Health’s interim guidance.

Under the Governor’s Emergency Executive Order 20-12, the Minnesota Department of Human Services has temporary authority to waive or modify requirements so that the agency and its partners can continue to provide essential programs and services to Minnesotans safely and without undue delay during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your Minnesota Department of Human Services continues to do daily reviews of potential flexibilities we could authorize to support counties, tribes, health plans and community partners in caring for Minnesotans throughout the COVID-19 peacetime emergency.

Below is a list of all waivers and modifications currently in effect. This list will be updated as necessary. Check this site regularly for new decisions we have made, and keep ideas coming into the d epartment that would make a difference.

Operational instructions for counties, tribes, managed care organizations and providers related to these changes will be communicated separately. We encourage you to monitor the DHS website and DHS bulletins.

Waivers under peacetime emergency authority, Executive Order 20-12

Waivers under peacetime emergency authority, Executive Order 20-12: Federal Medicaid and MinnesotaCare approvals received

Federal waivers requested under peacetime emergency authority, Executive Order 20-11

The Governor’s Emergency Executive Order 20-11 allows the commissioner to ask the federal government to temporarily waive or modify certain federal requirements for applicable to DHS programs so DHS can better protect public health, support Minnesota families and providers, and maximize federal funding. The department has requested federal approval for the following. The department has also requested federal waivers for some changes made under Executive Order 20-12, which are summarized above.

Changes under existing authority to respond to COVID-19

In addition to the changes outlined above under the emergency authority, the commissioner made the changes below under the authority of existing laws,

Waivers under peacetime emergency authority, Executive Order 20-12; pending federal approval

Some flexibility allowed under Governor Walz’s Executive Order also needs federal approval. Recognizing the need for states to get these kinds of approvals quickly, the federal government has created a faster process for states to send in their requests.

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