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Consumer directed community supports fiscal support entity services

A fiscal support entity offers a range of support services that allow a person to have as much choice as they want in employing, managing and paying for their services and supports. If a person chooses CDCS as a service option, the person must choose a fiscal support entity (FSE) to help them with employer-related responsibilities. A fiscal support entity should not in any way:

  • Assist in writing the community support plan
  • Limit or restrict service or support providers.

What types of assistance can a fiscal support entity offer?

Fiscal support entities may provide a range of services as long as they provide payroll assistance at the minimum.

  • Fiscal conduit model - FSE is the bill payer; consumer is the employer
  • Payroll model - FSE is the bill payer, helps with paperwork and provides education to the person; consumer is the employer
  • Agency with choice model - FSE is the bill payer, helps with paperwork, provides education to the consumer and is also the employer.

The following agencies have been approved as fiscal support entities and most are available statewide. Counties must work with these enrolled providers to assure access to consumer directed services for consumers.

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