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New funding to help combat food insecurity during pandemic

7/21/2020 3:00:34 PM

Approximately 300,000 Minnesotans have visited food shelves each month since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic – a 30% increase from previous months – and food banks are now distributing approximately 2.4 million pounds of food per week. Emergency food is in extremely high demand due to the economic impacts of the pandemic, and new funding in Minnesota will help meet that demand.

Minnesota’s Legislative Advisory Commission recently approved $12 million in emergency support for food shelves, food banks and other emergency food efforts across the state. The support comes from federal funding Minnesota received as part of the coronavirus relief bill.

Governor Tim Walz has now directed a total of $75 million in federal coronavirus relief aid toward food security, reaching approximately 500,000 people each month. The funding allows around 350,000 children enrolled in free and reduced-price school meals to continue to get meals during the summer through an extension of the federal pandemic EBT program; enables emergency food shelves to safely distribute food using social distancing guidelines; and delivers meals to more than 14,500 older adults with no other source of food for at least one of their meals each month.

Find more information about food assistance resources on the state’s food emergency webpage.

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