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New data dashboards provide Minnesota Medicaid and MinnesotaCare facts at your fingertips

5/14/2019 9:14:33 AM

Get the facts on Minnesota’s state health coverage programs with the new /dhs/medicaid-matters/index.jspMedicaid Matters and MinnesotaCare Matters data dashboards. Use the dashboards to get data on Medicaid (called Medical Assistance in Minnesota) and MinnesotaCare enrollees, spending, providers and dental care. 

These easy-to-navigate tools let you dig in and analyze information on the health insurance programs that serve one in five Minnesotans. The goal of the tools: to provide greater transparency and help inform the conversation about health care coverage and long-term care in our state.

Medicaid and MinnesotaCare serve as a lifeline for many providers in Greater Minnesota and contribute significantly to the state’s health care system, supporting public health infrastructure, hospitals, mental health centers, at-home care, community clinics, nursing homes, physicians and many other health professionals by reducing the number of Minnesotans that go without health care coverage. Medicaid — not Medicare — is the primary source of coverage for people who need long-term care services. 

Some other highlights from the data:

  • Average monthly enrollment in Minnesota’s Medicaid program has remained relatively consistent since 2015 with about 1.1 million people covered. 
  • Roughly 2/3 of those covered by Medicaid in 2018 are parents, children or pregnant women, who accounted for only about 25 percent of spending. Medicaid serves more than half a million children each year. 
  • Adults 65 or older and people with disabilities make up about 16 percent of the people served by Medicaid yet account for about 60 percent of spending.
  • Minnesota Medicaid and MinnesotaCare enrollment is split nearly evenly between the seven-county metro area and Greater Minnesota. However, enrollment in both health insurance programs makes up a higher percentage of the total population in many Greater Minnesota counties compared to the metro area.

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