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TrainLink Instructions

Taking the Web-Based Crisis Curriculum Using the Learning Center

Course Code: MH651-MH656


1. Please print this document. (You may want to refer to the following steps to assist you).

2. The Adult and Children's Mental Health Learning Center will take you to the Learning Center. Or you can carefully copy/type the URL into your browser:

3. Click on the Search Learning Activities under Training Activities and Registration.

4. Type in “Crisis” and Search.

5. The Course Name will appear on the next screen. Click “Select” next to the course name to move to the next screen.

6. The next screen will show the Course Description. Please read all of the information carefully. Information on what browsers will work is also listed here. Also, PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST ENABLE POP-UPS IN YOUR WEB BROWSER WHEN YOU UTILIZE THIS COURSE.

7. Click “For Access/Registration Information, click here.”

8. The next screen will ask you for your unique ID. Enter in your unique ID, and click OK.

If you do not have a unique ID, please read the instructions below for obtaining one.

9. Upon entering your unique ID, the next screen will show your name in the upper right corner of the screen. Please ensure that this is indeed your name. Also, note that this is where you will sign-off when you are finished, or if you need to take a break.

10. On the left top of the screen, it will indicate that your status in the course is non registered. This basically means that you have not ever entered the course thus far.

Click the “Start Course” link the upper right corner.

11 A new window will open and this is the beginning of the course.

As you make your way through the introductory pages of the online course, you will note that important instructions are given to show you how to use the online tools. Please note that there are 6 modules. During the last 2 modules, you will embark on a simulated journey that will show your knowledge of what you’ve learned throughout the training. In order to receive any time for taking this course, you are required to complete ALL of the modules first. Your final score is based on how you complete your simulated journey. The entire course will take approximately 10 hours to complete.

To obtain a unique key:

1. Go to TrainLink Unique Key Request Form

2. Please note that this training is limited to persons residing in Minnesota.

3. Fill out the form & submit.

4. You will receive your unique key via email.

Basic system requirements for online training:

The following list contains the basic system requirements recommended in order to best view our online training(s):

  • • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7. [NOTE: May work on Mac OS, but not tested.]
  • • Internet Connection: 256 kbps or better.
  • • Screen Resolution: 1024x768 or better.
  • • Browser: Internet Explorer (version 6 or higher), Firefox, Safari, Chrome.
  • • Accessibility: Users with accessibility requirements should use Internet Explorer (version 7 or higher). Window-Eyes screen reader recommended for best compatibility.
  • • Please disable all browser pop-up blockers.
  • • Adobe Flash Player version 9 or higher.
  • • Adobe Reader version 7 or higher.
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