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DrugZipsor (diclofenac) 25 mg

April 2010

Therapeutic Area - Pain


Failure on generic diclofenac sodium or potassium, and at least 2 other generic NSAIDs.

FDA approved indication

Indicated for the relief of mild to moderate pain in adults.

Dosing and administration

Zipsor contains diclofenac, an NSAID, as a 25 mg as a liquid-filled capsule.

The dosage of Zipsor is 25 mg four times a day.


Zipsor is a low strength diclofenac capsule with no comparative efficacy data against diclofenac tablets or other NSAIDs in any formulation. Compared to the generically available diclofenac products, it must be dosed more frequently and it is significantly more costly to the state. Oral diclofenac sodium is also available as a delayed release enteric coated tablet in strengths of 50 mg and 75mg. These are available from generic manufacturers.

Background information

Zioptan (tafluprost ophthalmic solution) 0.0015% is a prostaglandin analog indicated for reducing elevated intraocular pressure in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. There are three other prostaglandin alternatives available: latanoprost, travoprost and bimotoprost.


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