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Drug - Pomalyst® [Celgene]

October 2013

Therapeutic area - Antineoplastic

Approval criteria

  • Patient has a diagnosis of multiple myeloma AND
  • Patient has a history of lenalidomide therapy AND
  • Patient has a history of bortezomib therapy

Quantity limit

Pomalyst is dosed once daily on days 1- 21 days of a 28 day cycle.  Quantity limit is 21 tablets.

Background information

POMALYST® is indicated for patients with multiple myeloma who have received at least two prior therapies including lenalidomide and bortezomib and have demonstrated disease progression on or within 60 days of completion of the last therapy. Approval is based on response rate. Clinical benefit, such as improvement in survival or symptoms, has not been verified.


MHCP Provider Call Center 651-431-2700 or 800-366-5411

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