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School-linked mental health services

School-Linked Mental Health Grants - Map (PDF)

State infrastructure grants support school-linked mental health services throughout Minnesota. These school-connected clinical mental health treatments include interventions that:

  • Increase accessibility for children and youth who are uninsured or under insured
  • Improve clinical and functional outcomes for children and youth with a mental health diagnosis
  • Improve identification of mental health issues for children and youth

This initiative connects or co-locates effective mental health services with schools and students at the local level. This project has proven particularly effective in reaching children who have never accessed mental health services. Many children with serious mental health needs were first identified through this program, including 47.5 percent of children who met the criteria for SED (12,289 children total). This increased access was particularly important for students from cultural and ethnic minority communities. Overall, students of color served were significantly more likely to be accessing mental health services for the first time compared to white students (58% to 52%).

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