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Individual Placement and Support Services Supported Employment

Individual Placement & Support Services (IPS) Supported Employment (SE) is an evidence-based practice that promotes the recovery of people who have serious mental illness through work. This integrated service approach is well defined by eight practice principles and a 25-item fidelity scale. IPS SE is recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The efficacy and effectiveness of IPS has been empirically validated in achieving competitive employment outcomes for people in recovery from a serious mental illness.

To successfully implement IPS, there is a deliberate shift away from traditional brokered services toward a dynamic collaboration partnership comprised of a DHS approved mental health services provider, with a CARF-accredited, community rehabilitation employment service, and MN DEED/Vocational Rehabilitative Services. Adults receiving mental health treatment services through the approved provider are able to rapidly access employment services more efficiently and effectively through the Collaborative Partnership.

Minnesota is a member of the International Learning Community. Through the Community, 23 states and localities, and four countries outside of the U.S. are engaged in IPS research and service implementation through the IPD Employment Center at the Rockville Institute. In 2006, Minnesota received an implementation grant which launched six IPS collaborative programs in six counties. In 2013, the State of Minnesota approved legislation to support the development and implementation of an additional 17 IPS teams across 18 counties. As of 2018, there are 28 IPS teams, serving 43 counties throughout the state.

What services are available?
IPS SE assists people with serious mental illness to find, keep, and advance in competitive employment of their choosing, earning market rate wages for their work. The person is actively engaged in mental health and employment services concurrently.

Who is eligible for this service?
An adult 18 years of age and over, who wants to work and is actively engaged in mental health services from a DHS recognized mental health services provider and working as part of State approved IPS collaborative partnership.

Become a provider – Applications/Certifications/Licensure

Providers are currently licensed, certified, or recognized DHS community-based, mental health services provider, who have completed IPS Training by The MN IPS State Policy Lead Team and where there is an approved collaborative IPS business agreement with a recognized, CARF-accredited, community rehabilitation employment service, and MN DEED/Vocational Rehabilitative Services.

Current providers

IPS-SE Provider List

MH services reimbursed by Medicaid, (MA), Minnesota Care, MN DHS, & other governmental sources. Employment services through MN DEED/VRS, & other governmental sources

Reporting requirements
Approved IPS Projects report outcomes data into MN DEED/VRS maintained IPS database

More information 

IPS/SE Policy Lead, 651-431-2225

Additional resources

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