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Drug Formulary Committee

The Drug Formulary Committee uses an open, transparent process to review and recommend the drugs covered by Medicaid and MinnesotaCare through the uniform preferred drug list and determine which of those drugs requires prior authorization, or an approval before payment, to ensure medications are medically necessary for specific patients, and appropriate for their situation. The Drug Formulary Committee carries out its duties as described in Minnesota Statutes, 256B.0625, subd. 13.

Drug Formulary Committee meetings are open to the public. Public comment period for each meeting begins on the day we post the agenda and continues until 15 days after each meeting. See public comments section for more information.

Committee members include four physicians, at least three pharmacists, a consumer representative and knowledgeable health care professionals who all submit a conflict-of-interest form DHS-3785 (PDF). The Department of Human Services (DHS) provides the committee with data and information about the impact of its decision on the quality of patient care.

Appointing authority: Commissioner of Human Services

Compensation: $100 per member per meeting, plus mileage   
(Minnesota Statutes 256B.0625, subd. 13)

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